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    Firmware for Victory 3

    Date:2021-10-21 Hits:

    Latest Version

    Version 2.3.3


    Date 2021-10-21
    Size 2.67MB

    1. New feature: add in the display of the sub fixtures in the 'Fixture Layout' window.
    2. New feature: allow to set up fixture sequence by 8 different drawing ways of the selection box in the 'Fixture Layout' window.
    3. New feature: add in area option for the fixtures in the 'Fixture Layout' window.
    4. New feature: add in the increment control and full-screen display keys in the setting window of the fixture sequence.
    5. New feature: a new playback parameters setup menu opened by pressing the key 'SHIFT' and select the playback on the touch screen.
    6. New feature: auto backup when entering the touch calibration mode.
    7. Fixed the bug when the same fixtures are patched with their different modes.
    8. Fixed the bugs that cause the system to restart.
    9. Fixed the problem that the macro show includes the playbacks with flash output may not be closed when finished.
    10. Fixed the bug in 'Macro Show' to allow you to turn off the running show, even if there is no correct music.
    11. Fixed the bug caused by some of the D4 files.
    12. Fixed the bug in Key-playbacks.
    13. Fixed the display bug on repatch function.

    Operation Steps:
    Put the unzip file into USB disk and connect to the console.
    Press [Setup] to enter the 'SETUP MENU'.
    Press [Upgrade Manage].
    Press [Upgrade Software].
    Select the upgrade file.
    Press [Confirm].
    Press [OK] to load in the file.
    Wait until the controller restart. 
    1. Firmly connect the AC adapter and USB device. Don't cut off electricity before upgrade finishes.
    2. Controller will auto reset after upgraded.
    3. Clear all data before use. Backup files from previous versions are useless, please open a new show and make the programs again.

    Previous Versions

    Version Date Size Download
    2.2.1 2021-6-1 2.65MB



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