● Total 8192 channels. Offers 8 individual optical isolated DMX interfaces and 2 Art-Net interfaces.
● Dual high resolution 15" TFT-LCD foldable touch screens for operating.
● 30 playback faders × 40 pages together with 30 playback keys × 40 pages.
● 1 console master fader and 2 playback sections master faders.
● 5 backlit optical encoders for details setting.
● Keys with backlit and highlight which luminance can be adjusted and colors can be changed.
● 7 user define function keys
● Individual keys for flash or pause function of playbacks.
● Provide midi In, Out and Thru interfaces to connect and work with other devices. Accept midi time code signal.
● An internal electronic disk for backup show data.
● USB 2.0 interface allows users to backup shows in external disk.
● Offer 3.5 stereo audio output interface.
● Two working lamp interfaces with luminance regulators.
● Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.
● Size: 840mm × 620mm × 215mm.
● Net weight: 27Kg approx.
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Fixture Library


Version Date Size Download Help
2.1.0 2020-12-11 2.6MB
Description 1. Fixed the bugs on during modifying operation window.
2. Fixed the bug in release mode on cuelists playback.
3. Fixed the bug on Fans mode.
4. Fixed the bug on network output when reloaded the backup.

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Running System
Note for Android 1.Unzip the file before installation.
codeRemote1.0.6 2020-11-27
Note for All 1.Make sure the version on console is 2.0.8 before using.

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Manual .pdf 5.12MB