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    Firmware for Party 500

    Date:2022-11-01 Hits:

    Operation Steps:
    Put the file into the USB disk and connect it to the console.
    Press [Setup] to enter the 'SETUP MENU'.
    Select the option [Upgrade Manage].
    Select the option [Upgrade Software].
    Select the upgrade file.
    Press [Confirm].
    Press [OK] in the called-out dialog to start upgrading.
    Wait until the controller restart.

    1. Firmly connect the AC adapter and USB device. Don't cut off electricity before the upgrade is finished.
    2. Clear all data before using.
    3. It is not recommended to load the old backup file again.

    Firmwares Download

    Version Date Size Download
    1.043 2014-4-15 1.27MB

    Updated Notes:

    1. Increase the running speed of the program to 3 times the original fastest speed.
    2. Fix a bug causing speed error of Playbacks after loading the backup file.
    3. Support R20 files generated in DOS/MAC/UNIX.

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