Victory 3 Lighting Controller
• Total 4096 DMX channels. Provides 4 individual optical isolated DMX interfaces and 1 Art-Net interface.
• One high-resolution 15 inches capacitive LCD touch screen.
• Provides a total of 80 playback pages. Each page provides 15 multifunction faders and 15 playback buttons.
• 4 backlit optical encoders for data settings.
• The key backlit provides three color options and adjustable brightness.
• Playback faders with backlit which can be set to different colors for 3 different states.
• Individual keys for the flash and pause functions for playbacks.
• Provides midi In, Out, and Thru interfaces to connect and work with other devices. Accept midi time code signal.
• Built-in WiFi for connecting the application on mobile or tablet, allowing remote control of lights or playbacks.
• Provides one USB 2.0 interface. Connecting to a mouse is available.
• Provides one 3.5mm stereo audio interface, one audio optical interface, and a headphone interface.
• 1 working lamp interface with luminance regulator.
• Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.
• Size: 665mm × 580mm × 205mm.
• Net weight: 15Kg approx.
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