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    The observation and control management system of CODE PD series dimmer

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    The design ideas of CODE PD series digital dimmer are - suitable for different electricity standard worldwide, status automatic adjustment, multiple protections in event, load characteristics match, and Off-line itinerating use.

    Its structure of software and hardware is a mechanism that multi CPU master and slave are operates in coordination.

    Therefore, this series dimmer has characteristics - measure and control incidents happened rapidly, any channel operating mode does not impact other one, every channel can be set its output characteristic in real time independently, remote dimming (DMX signal control by the digital console) and manual dimming are all available, scene record/extract, etc.

    CODE the PD series dimmer's measure and control management mechanism narrate it as follows separately:

    1. Electrical network measurement and system response

    At present, there are many types of electric network in the world. Such as the frequency is 60Hz or 50Hz; the voltage has the EIA rule: 100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 127V and the IEEE rule: 220V, 230V, 240V. Fluctuate and drift about with frequency for power supply standard and voltage which meet various countries or area, the dimmer device must have to its fast detection function of power supply and follow adjustability.

    · Mains frequency track

    The dimmer working by way of "phase-shifting and chopping" exports the control signal and "loss of synchronization" with the mains cycle, become "output unorderedly", cause the loads act to be disorderly, even lead to the accident.

    CODE PD series dimmer use the "cycles zero crossing" detection systems of high precision and wide range, when the frequency of the electrical network is changed within the range of 45Hz-65Hz, this system can guarantee to export the control signal and electrical network cycle and synchronous strictly. You can operate inquiring frequency of the present electrical network and periodic quantity at any time through the panel while dimmer running.

    · Fit the voltage of the electrical network

    After the equipment starting up in site-exchange, the electrical network voltage detection circuit of the CODE PD series dimmer can enter "EIA" or "IEEE" working mode automatically according to the voltage detected while the equipment starting, and prompts the operator to confirm the local real electrical network voltage specification at the same time.

    For the running occurred the transient, the system will automatically limit the maximum output voltage to local standard value, in order to avoid load current overflow. If the input phase voltage is higher more than normal value for various reasons, the system will close output in time and will show warning information, until the trouble be eliminated and the output will be turned to normal automatically.

    Can inquire about the voltage value of present electrical network at any time while the dimmer running.

    2. Real-time operating mode modulates and the unusual event processes

    · Inhibition of the load surge current

    Tungsten lamp filament resistance at "cold condition" is very low. This means in starting up moment, or after "black field" long time suddenly to "full scale flash" operates, or performs the slow speed of "full bright chase", the lamp filament must withstand surpasses the rated value several times of surge current. This kind of condition extremely possibly causes the filament instantaneous superheat over-burnt, even light bulb glass cause detonation.

    For prevent the occurrence of accident described above, CODE PD series dimmer set of "soft startup" and "filament preheat" procedures. The former will slowly output the voltage to increase while dimmer starting to the controlling value gradually (control by relevant DMX value from the console); the latter offers certain preheating current to load all the time during operating.

    Two measures use in common, in addition has narrated above the "over-voltage protection" function lengthen the service life of the light bulb effectively.

    Regarding some load does not allow to use the voltage regulation, may setup its channel output as the "switch" curve, the preheating and the voltage-limiting function at the same time is also cancelled.

    · Output overloads and short-circuits processing

    When the load current exceeds rated value 2 times more, the over-current detection system will carry out according to exceed intensity from slowly to the quick protection procedure, until the output be closed. During the trouble, the system shows the corresponding channel alarm information, and every 20 seconds a weak by the strong output gradually attempt to cycle until the resumption of normal output. The trouble channel acts independently, the normal channel is not influenced. The number that trouble take place of times to be able by the automatic recording, for in the future will return the factory examine and repair the inquiry reference.

    · Fan control and overheating processing

    To minimize noise cooling fan operation, the system control fan speed according to power components working temperature. In the normal temperature scope the fan stops; after surpasses the normal temperature, the fan speed from starts along with the temperature rise to increases gradually, until full speed. If the environment ventilates is not good or the load long time exceeds the allowable range causes the power parts temperature to surpass the security value, the output will be closed, and be showed warning information; Every 30 seconds the system output for an attempt to cycle, until the temperature is reduced to within the security value and no longer increase, the output will resume automatically. Can inquire the temperature value inside the dimmer when the equipment running at any time as necessary.

    3. Match of the load characteristic

    In the modern lighting system, many kinds of light source mix use situation frequently appear. The working mechanism of all kinds of light sources is different, the light effect characteristic of similar light source may be different too, and thus the various channel of the dimmer should be able to choose the corresponding different output characteristics.

    The dimming precision of CODE PD series dimmer is 2048 levels. In order to adapt many types of lamp load characteristics and the light effect characteristic, enable the whole field light source the effect to tend to as far as possible the same, has prepared 9 dimming performance curves, uses in various tungsten lamp (including low-voltage tungsten lamp which drive by the "phase-shifting and chopping electronic transformer") or electric heater. In addition, also there is a "switch" curve, uses in the fluorescent lamp and the gas-discharge lamp and so on the cold light source, and the AC relay device, the AC electromagnet, the AC solenoid valve, the AC electromotor and other nonadjustable power loads. Every channel of output characteristic curve can be set up in real time separately, the chosen can memories automatic and keep for a long time, and can change at any time.

    4. Itinerant and off-line utility

    The itinerant means the using place is to often change. The off-line means the dimmer can be use without console for stand alone operation. The off-line utility for the itinerant dimmer is very significant, is advantageous to in the stage specific occasion (for example the show, concert and so on) realizes "Systematic miniaturization". In order to below achieve this goal, the dimmer at least should have the function.

    · Manual dimming for each channel without the console.

    · Curve selection for each channel individuality.

    · The scenes can be recorded or extracted (equivalent to the simple programming)

    CODE PD series dimmer has had the above functions, therefore it already can the group synthesize the large-scale light matrix, also may agilely use in to itinerant scene lighting or the industry control fields, is an intellectualized multipurpose all digital adjust power switch device.